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Harry Potter: Re-imagined 

-Ginny Weasley

-Neville Longbottom

-Luna Lovegood

blogging-in-my-swaggy-pants: oh my gosh im going to cry isnt stromae so amazing hes so cool i think (one of) my favourite parts was that the part that affected him most was the disappointment of the officers when they stopped him cos he could TELL they were disappointed cos one of the officers was a fan but they were like "hey dude whatre you doing" and he's so amazing omg

YES I KNOW oh my god i love stromae so much and i just  oh i have no words


if english isn’t your first language but you think and dream in english and sometimes have to mentally translate from english to your first language when speaking it as a consequence of your consistent exposure to the internet clap your hands

oh my god stromae is literally so greAt the video for formidable was so beautiful it’s like he’s at a train station or bus station or s/t in the middle of a city and he’s like. screaming out the lyrics and the surrounding people don’t know it’s a video i think and people ask him if he’s okay an stuff and think he’s drunk and son it’s so haunting

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Stromae - Papaoutai

Last year the most popular video on French TV and the number one song in France and Belgium was “Papaoutai” by Belgian singer Stromae. The tune and rhythms are appealing and unusual; the video is compelling and, ultimately, moving. Though the title sounds like it could be a word in an African language, it is actually meant to be understood by French speakers as meaning “Papa, où t’es?” which translates as “Dad, where are you?” The song and the story of the video refer to the absence of Stromae’s father, who was killed in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. The plaintive cry of the singer who feels the absence of his father is also expressed in the child in the video who begs his mannequin-like father to come to life.


Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.


do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you



I wish I had the ability to make boys really nervous

holding a really sharp knife to their neck usuallly does the trick for me

Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

one gifset per episode: the legend of korra 

→ book 01, episode 02 


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